Migration, Multiculturalism, Education, Defense and Economic Development.

The European continent is struck by significant waves of immigration. This has surprised many countries and has led some to violent reactions. No meaningful solution proposals can be seen over the horizon. Migrants reaching Europe have three possibilities:

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No one can pretend the migrations taking place globally are a contingent phenomenon. The United Nations estimates that 65.3 million men, women and children are currently on the move because of conflicts, persecutions and environmental disasters. Among these, 24 million people have already reached transit spots where they have since remained trapped. We are a Research Centre with our feet in the water!


There is no point in erecting walls. The future of this planet depends on the ability to include, integrate and find new development paths. Every aspect of human society is subject to the impact that the large movements taking place will bring with them. The goal is to understand the reasons, govern the flows, and identify the possible competitive advantages of what is happening. This is why our study centre was born!


The Consorzio Universitario Mediterraneo Orientale (The East Mediterranean University Consortium) is composed of the municipalities of Noto, Avola, Pachino, Rosolini, Portopalo di Capo Passero, of the Cooperative Bank of Pachino and of the Dominican Cenacle. The consortium is a non-profit legal entity whose management is subject to the nature of a public corporation.


MSE (Mediterraneo Sicilia Europa) is an association that intends to perform functions of general interest. We intend to strengthen the European identity in order to foster the happiness of both its old and new citizens. We work as private individuals, avoiding conflict and quarrels, by filling the spaces left void by oftentimes absent public institutions.